Pitchblack Playback in New York City has restarted its intriguing series of music performances in the dark with a very special playback of Patricia Barber’s Impex Records release Clique! We’ll let them describe this special event:

We’re very pleased to announce that Pitchblack Playback is finally coming back to New York!

Our monthly residency at Dolby Soho had only been going for two months when the pandemic hit, and it’s taken us until now to find a new venue that works for what we do. But it’s been very much worth the wait.

Museum of Future Experiences (@visitmofe) in Brooklyn is an intimate venue that features an incredible Ambisonics surround sound system and is perfectly aligned with what we do. They host mind-bending storytelling experiences that use VR and binaural / surround sound to brilliant effect, and now we’re partnering with them to be our new home in New York for our listening sessions in the dark.

To celebrate our new partnership, we’re kicking off with a free-to-attend session for @patriciabarbermusic’s ‘Clique’—one of 2022’s GRAMMY Nominations for Best Immersive Album. The detail and spatial production of this brilliant collection of jazz standards needs to be heard on a system like this. Thanks to Barber’s label @impexrecords, you could be there for free. We’ll also be joined by the album’s producers Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz, who will introduce the playback. Find details and register for the ticket giveaway here: www.pitchblackplayback.com.

Head on over to their website and sign up to experience this astonishingly realistic recording with Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz! Hope to see you there!

In celebration of this super high-resolution event, our friends at Native DSD Music are offering a special 15% off any of their amazing digital downloads of Patricia Barber’s CLIQUE! or HIGHER. Just use the code BARBER at checkout between January 24-30, 2022!