Barbra Streisand Fan Paul Seydor of Tracking Angle (and The Absolute Sound [among many other publications] AND an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker to boot!) can’t hide his enthusiasm for her breathtaking new album Live at the Bon Soir in this review of our pristine new HQ-180 2-LP deluxe release. He tells a compelling story of the album’s provenance, how mix engineer Jochem van der Saag and mastering engineers Paul Blakemore (mix) and Bernie Grundman (lacquer cutting) overcame technical issues to get it ready for production, and just how astonishing it is to hear our generation’s greatest pop vocal artist arriving fully formed to the world stage over 60 years ago. A must read for fans of Streisand, great music, and first-class vinyl record productions!

Check out Paul’s review HERE.

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