Checkout this great review on Legrand Jazz by, an audiophile publication from Taipei, Taiwan.  Yes folks, Impex Records is international!  We get reviews from Hong Kong, Tawain, Germany, and all over.  You will need to kick in the Google translation for this review.  Just click on the “translate” button when you open up the article, it will be blue button on the top right.  Here’s a little excerpt from their article about Legrand Jazz.  A very loose translation from the original article.

“This jazz vinyl record is so brilliant, if you don’t get it, it will definitely be one off those lifelong regrets.The so-called Legrand Jazz is a jazz perfomance centered on Michel Legrand. If you don’t know who Michel Legrand is, I will fill you in.  First I want to start with this vinyl record. It has a lot famous and big name musicians. You have Miles Davis, John coltran, Bill Evans, Ben Webster, Hank Jones, and a doze of other great players. Ok, who is Michel Legrand? He is a famous conductor, composer, pianist, and singer. He was born in the suburbs of Paris in 1932. He has written more than 200 films and TV soundtracks. The movie Thomas Crown Affair, starring Steve McQueen (in 1968) theme song won him an Oscar.”