Welcome back to the Impex Records News Feed! Sorry we’ve been gone for soooo long. We’re an incredibly small outfit and have been busy just keeping on top of making great records (you may have heard of our recent releases for Patricia Barber, Frank Sinatra, and Carol Kidd!). We promise we’re back to stay and will be updating both the content we add to the News Feed and (just as important) the look of our site! Thanks for visiting us today and we look forward to seeing you here again soon!

Sometimes in the course of our exploration of potential titles to reissue, we come across a true gem that somehow escaped mainstream popularity. Our new SACD of Matador by trumpeter Kenny Dorham and his quintet is the latest and perhaps most crystalline example of this. There has never been a single 180-gram pressing of Matador made. It has only been reissued (officially) once in 50 years. When you hear it, you’ll scratch your head raw that this under-appreciated gem has been missing for so long.

Fun fact: though our SACDs are fully DSD encoded, we render them from the same original master source as the LP. In the case of Matador, that source is Universal Music’s original analog master! We make SACDs specifically because the DSD format is fully capable of presenting the full frequency response and tonal warmth of analog in a convenient digital package. It’s all about getting as close to the source as possible.

Purchase here – or at your favorite dealer. If they don’t carry Impex Records, gently persuade them with kind words. Or booze. Whatever works.

Keep your eyes peeped for the gorgeous HQ-180 all-analog LP in 2022.