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Nominated for a 2022 Grammy Award for Best Immersive Audio Album (engineers Jim Anderson, Ulrike Schwarz, and mastering engineer Bob Ludwig), Patricia Barber’s Clique! is our first release honored in the music industry’s highest competition. See what the fuss is about with the 5.1/Super High-Resolution DSD Stereo SACD! 

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Tom Schnabel’s Article about and review on our new Legrand Jazz 180-Gram LP

Our friend Tom Schnabel, fan and scholar of great music from all over the globe, has posted a fan-tastically informative article about our new Legrand Jazz

Lee Scoggins’ Interview of Abey Fonn and Laurence Aston at High End 2019

Lee interviews our very own Abey Fonn and Jennifer Warnes’ manager, Laurence Aston at The High End 2019 event in Munich, Germany.

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