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Heartfelt congratulations to our partners at Anderson Audio New York, Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz (along with their long-time collaborator the legendary Bob Ludwig) for their 2022 Grammy nomination in the Best Immersive Audio Album for Patricia Barber’s recently-released 5.1 SACD and ultra-high-resolution surround sound download of Clique! Jim is no stranger to acknowledgement from the Recording Academy, who’s recordings have received 11 wins  and 24 nominations over an unparalleled career, and his you-are-there surround mix (created with partner Ulrike Schwarz, a three-time nominee herself!) for Clique! is truly the definition of immersive audio!

“Clique is an exceptional recording; one of those rare events where all elements of the creative process amalgamate to yield a record of perfect performances and technical brilliance.” – Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback Read more!

We are incredibly excited and honored to be part of this amazing production and not just for the incredible sound quality the Anderson’s bring to the project: Clique! is a fun, nuanced listening experience in 5.1, with performances of eight beautifully-curated standards (and one spirited original composition) by Patricia Barber, her trio of bassist Patrick Mulcahy and drummer John Deitemyer, plus support from guitarist Neal Alger and saxophonist Jim Gailloreto. Clique! succeeds in presenting timeless music with a breathtakingly vintage feel, using the very bleeding edge of recording technology.

Jim Anderson has always sought to use technology not for its own sake, but to make records that fully involve the listener into the music, with all of its dynamics, pauses, propulsion, and silences. We at Impex Records are grateful for the opportunity to work with the amazing Andersons and to see their work with Patricia Barber recognized by the Recording Academy in 2022.

If you have surround sound capability, you really need to check out their singular vision in it’s most richly involving forms! To order our digital download of Clique! please follow this link to Native DSD OR Immersive Audio.

To order our SACD/Hybrid version (with DSD stereo and CD layer mixes included!) order here from Elusive Disc

Happy listening!