Jennifer Warnes, Another Time Another Place | High End 2019

Check out Lee Scoggins’ great interview with our very own Abey Fonn about the making of Jennifer Warnes, Another Time and Another Place.  Lee interviews Abey along with Jennifer Warnes’ manager, Laurence Aston at The High End 2019 event in Munich, Germany.

“Jennifer Warnes, Another Time, Another Place: One of the great things about going to shows is discovering new music. Lately, I just have happened to be buying a lot of albums from the Impex label. Some of the classic Three Blind Mice titles seem to have breathed new life in these great sounding pressings which seem to transport me back to 1970s Japan and some superb micing done in a studio.”

impex record, another time another place

Photo Credit to Part Time Audiophile

Abey Fonn was going to some of the better rooms and playing the new Jennifer Warnes album, Another Time, Another Place.  Also in attendance was Laurence Aston, Warnes’ manager.  Between listening sessions, Abey and Laurence agreed to answer a few questions from me.

Lee:  How did this come about?  How did things align for the album release after all this time?

Laurence Aston: There was a period of loss of friends and withdrawal but some meetings with BMG management coupled with a creative and business need creating the right circumstances.

Lee: One impression I had along the way was that Jennifer, for all her talent, might be a bit of a diva.  The long time between recordings, the perfectionist masterings…do I have this wrong?

Laurence Aston: In fact, Jennifer is not a diva at all, she is a really genuine person just deeply involved in every aspect of the project.

Abey Fonn: She is not difficult at all but she is proactive, involved in every step of the album production.  But she is also keen on ensuring that everybody gets paid and gets paid fairly.  She watches out for everyone involved.

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