Another Time, Another Place



MSRP: $29.99 USD

Legendary singer-songwriter Jennifer Warnes has created a beautiful, elegaic new album, available exclusively from Impex Records and BMG.Reuniting with bassist-composer Roscoe Beck (who co-produced her seminal classic Famous Blue Raincoat), Ms. Warnes shapes ten classic tunes and a brand-new song into a profound narrative of living, loving and making sense of changing times.

Jennifer’s long-time mastering engineer Bernie Grundman artfully brings out all the detail, presence and harmonic body of this amazingly life-like recording. Impex’s deluxe 180-gram vinyl presentation features an impeccably quiet pressing by RTI, a heavy stock tip-on jacket, and a large-format 16-page booklet of lyrics and photographs.

Every new album Jennifer Warnes is a showcase of musical beauty, lovingly crafted and gorgeously performed. We can expect nothing less from one of the world’s greatest interpretive singers.

1. Just Breathe
2. Tomorrow Night
3. Once I Was Loved
4. So Sad
5. I See Your Face Before Me

6. I Am the Big Easy
7. The Boys and Me
8. Back Where I Started
9. Freedom
10. Why Worry


Jennifer Warnes, Another Time, Another Place: One of the great things about going to shows is discovering new music. Lately, I just have happened to be buying a lot of albums from the Impex label. Some of the classic Three Blind Mice titles seem to have breathed new life in these great sounding pressings which seem to transport me back to 1970s Japan and some superb micing done in a studio. Recently I picked up the Impex pressing of Michel LeGrand’s Legrand Jazz, a superb jazz performance that features Miles Davis. This 2-record 45 rpm set is really superb and the best I have heard this album. Likewise, the Live at the Blackhawk album featuring Miles Davis is also excellent. In the credits of these, you see Abey Fonn listed as producer.

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Warness voice, warm and unfussy, sounds as natural as ever.
-Sunday Times Culture

(Warnes voice) is as mellifluous as ever the entire outing is a delight

Luscious and lustful, considered and compassionate . sophisticated arrangements and her reliably fluent and emotive readings get right to the heart of the songs
-Daily Mirror

A revelatory reminder of how seductive Warnes voice is
-Classic Pop

Leonard Cohens Oscar garlanded singer sounds terrific.

(an) enchanting collection

the work of a master interpreter who rarely fails to engage with the source material while imbuing it with her own personality Grief and bereavement may have contributed to her absence from recording studios, but Warnes has returned in brilliant form, her beautiful voice a balm for others experiencing loss.
-Record Collector

A crystalline work featuring the Anaheim-born Warnes interpreting songs by Pearl Jam, Mark Knopfler, John Legend and others, Another Time … serves as a reminder of the skills she displayed on Famous Blue Raincoat, her acclaimed album of Leonard Cohen songs.
-LA Times

If it took Warnes a long time to commit to making an album again, the clarity and confidence of her performances on Another Time, Another Place validate her decision with style and grace.
-Associated Press

(Jennifer) still closes proceedings like a nightingale … a revelatory reminder of how seductive Warnes’ voice is when she reins things in.
-Classic Pop, May 2018